Happy People – Testimonials

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Happy People – Testimonials


“Kris hypnotized me during our leg session, I didn’t even realise he was hypnotizing me, he was just talking to me as he usually does, when he stacked 3 plates a side on the bar for squats I thought he was crazy, I lifted it and was so surprised how easy it felt.”

AbbyFigure Athlete - Miss Australia

I put out a post on Facebook asking if anyone knew any hypnotists. I was recommended a couple people. One hypnotist charged from $300 and up for 3 sessions. I was also told about Kristian who when I spoke to him, he claimed he could do it in one session. I was very clear on my rules. I didn’t want to shut my eyes, and I didn’t believe in positive affirmations etc. Kristian promised to use none of that. And he didn’t. He had me feeling pretty weird within minutes and I was so relaxed it was the most relaxed I’d been in ages.

Everything felt clear afterwards and the problem I wanted help with was no longer confusing me. It made sense and I had found solutions to problems I wasn’t even sure I had. I recommended him to my clients after that as they were all surprised and noticed the change in my attitude and behaviour.

ScottPersonal Trainer

I booked a session with Kris as I was tired of my ongoing battle with food. During the session I felt totally calm,  safe and under control.  The session took a completely different direction than I expected and resurrected something that had been buried away in my mind….totally unrelated to food.

It is now 5 weeks since that session and my relationship with food has completely changed. I am no longer ruled by the overwhelming urge to eat treats. I feel free and content and am getting leaner without actively dieting. …WINNING!!!! Thanks Kris for giving my food sanity back


I didn’t know much about hypnosis. I was skeptical actually. But I thought I’d give it a try to help with my confidence as I just started a job in sales. When Kris went through it, it was strange but a cool feeling. I went back to work a lot more confident and it was easy to talk to people. I would recommend Kris for confidence for sure.

AaronSales Person

I was a massive smoker. I had no idea that it wasn’t even smoking that was my problem. When Kris asked me about when I smoked and how it made me feel? I answered relaxed. I assumed that smoking relaxed me. But then Kris made me realise that the problem wasn’t smoking at ALL! It was what I did when I was stressed. styling hair and running my own business sees me running around a lot, trying to make appointments and keep everyone happy.

I had not really considered fixing the stress as the smoking did that. But Kris helped me relax when I felt stressed. And then I was surprised to find myself not wanting to smoke. Even when work is crazy, I still feel like the stress is SO much less now, and that makes me feel so much better I forget to smoke LOL.